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$FUNDS brings real-world lotteries to the blockchain, offering its holders a higher chance of winning major jackpots from anywhere in the world!

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$FUNDS decentralizes 30 of the largest international lotteries

Buy your $FUNDS tokens from one of our launch exchanges, LAToken or P2PB2B.

Each $FUNDS token gives you access to $ Billions in jackpots, with the potential to win every week, for life.

Convert your tokens to NFTs within the $FUNDS DApp to be eligible to win the Lottery jackpots.

$FUNDS tokens are backed by tangible lottery assets, they have additional value beyond their tradable value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

$FUNDS value increases the longer you hold it. Because we draw lotteries every week, you stand to win an increasing portion of $ billions in lottery jackpots over the course of your lifetime.

Polygon is built on Ethereum and is compatible with ERC20 wallets. However it transacts much much faster (trades in moments instead of minutes) with a much smaller cost (negligible gas fees when compared to Ethereum) because it was designed to require massively less computing while still remaining secure.

At this time any individuals who purchased $FUNDS via S.A.F.T. or on exchanges such as P2PB2B or LAToken will have their $FUNDS transferred to their wallet address. This is also the date when $FUNDS will begin drawing lotteries. Those who have already moved their $FUNDS to our Dapp in exchange for PFUNDS points before this time will be able to exchange them back as $FUNDS.

$FUNDS Dapp (decentralized application) will be key to distributing $FUNDS winnings. Those who hold their $FUNDS in the Dapp will stand to win a greater portion of lottery draws than token holders who do not. Additionally, you will be able to KYC verify in the Dapp and claim your $FUNDS winnings via Paypal in fiat currency instead of more $FUNDS if you wish.

Because $FUNDS tokens automatically enroll you in 30 lotteries, and because these lotteries are drawn every week, $FUNDS exponentially increases your chances of winning when compared with traditional lottery tickets.

Once you have purchased $FUNDS tokens, and completed your DApp account verification, you will need to convert your tokens to the NFTs in our DApp to be eligible to win the weekly lottery jackpots. The more $FUNDS you convert, the greater the potential reward.

Lifetime access to the world's biggest jackpots

$FUNDS is founded and operated by AZlotts NV. Backed by the world’s largest international lotteries, $FUNDS tokens offer holders the value of tangible lottery assets and the life-changing jackpots.

AZBalls Lottery
Powerball Powerplay
Lotto America
Lotta 649
El Gordo
Set For Life
Super Lotto Plus
Saturday Lotto
Euro Jackpot
Glücks Spirale
Euro Millions

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