Crypto Lottery: Meet $FUNDS, paving the way for a new lottery system.

What is a crypto lottery?

When we think of ‘lottery’, we often associate it with the process of physically purchasing individual lottery tickets at a vendor, maybe each week or each month. However, in the increasingly digitized world crypto lotteries are paving the way. 

We’ve merged cryptocurrency with the lottery experience and developed $FUNDS. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure transactions, control the creation of additional value units, and verify the transfer of assets.

A traditional Crypto Lottery is where a Lottery operator or organization accepts Cryptocurrencies as opposed to cash for payment of lottery tickets. The great thing about a crypto lottery is that particular cryptocurrency, such as $FUNDS, enters you into multiple lottery draws. 

Simply buying one $FUNDS token gives you the ability to trade it and also gives you the opportunity to share in life-changing jackpots. 

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How does a crypto lottery work?

The same as a traditional lottery except most of the winning prizes are paid in Crypto. $FUNDS is on a mission to build its own decentralized ecosystem and eliminate the traditional lottery system. Funds is a project backed by international lotteries and founded by AZlotts. Funds has a utility token named $FUNDS, an ERC-20 contract that helps in the governance of application, provides real-time information, automates payments, and brings full transparency to the lottery system. The main goal of funds is to automate and facilitate lifetime lottery tickets.

At the moment, to purchase $FUNDS, we suggest you follow our guide available here.

When you’re deciding which cryptocurrency to invest in, you should look for a coin with a solid road map and strong plans for development. This is the key if you’re looking for long-term success.

In October 2021, $FUNDSstaking pool was launched, and in November, $Funds will go live on the partner exchange, LA Token.  

$FUNDS Features

Monthly payouts will be automated through the smart contract to facilitate all division 1 jackpots going back to $FUNDS token holders. 

For each 100 million $FUNDS Tokens sold, another high-value lottery will be entered, increasing owners’ chance of sharing in $500mil in prizes weekly.

We are real-time & transparent: $FUNDS improves the current lottery model by enabling a traceable ledger facilitating complete transparency and real-time accurate verification of winnings.

“” is pioneering the entry of crypto tokens backed by a new asset class that is lifetime holdings of prize draw tickets. This is a game-changer for both crypto coins and prize draw operators, bringing an institutional angle to prize draw ticket buyers as opposed to the lower-income earning ticket buyers who currently make up most of the buyers. Institutional buyers will demand lower margins but will stabilize the operators’ business models.”

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What is a crypto lottery coin?

A Crypto lottery coin gives you the opportunity to win cash prizes from affiliated lotteries. $FUNDS is the world’s first lifetime lottery ticket token. 

You secure your $FUNDS token/coin via our partner exchange, LA TOKEN, and your $FUNDS are allocated to you. 

Which lotteries am I entered in?

Over time $FUNDS Token holders will have the opportunity to share in over 20 weekly global lottery draws. These include AZBalls Jackpot Lottery (the world’s first weekly Alphabetical lottery draw), US Powerball, Euro Millions, US Megamillions, and many more. A Funds token offers its owners the opportunity to enjoy multiple revenue streams that appreciate over time.

With each 100 million tokens sold another high-value lottery is added to increase token holders’ chance of sharing in hundreds of millions worth of weekly jackpots.

An example payout would look like:  $FUNDS ticket in the US Powerball draw wins the 1st Division jackpot of $300,000,0000. Joe holds 250,000 of 1 million $FUNDS Tokens sold. He would receive a 25% share of the jackpot, $75,000,000. 

What does the $FUNDS architecture look like?


Our graphic above shows the entire $FUNDS architecture.