How to exchange crypto: Prerequisites and setting up a crypto wallet to exchange $FUNDS

One of the most common questions we are asked is how to exchange crypto, or, how do I get started in the world of cryptocurrency? We have created the following guide to help you get started on our decentralised and easy to use exchange, QuickSwap. 

To buy $FUNDS on QuickSwap, users need to ensure they have completed the following prerequisites. Whilst QuickSwap does not require a lengthy sign-up process and a KYC (Know Your Customer), you do have to have:

  • An active wallet, like MetaMask or Trust Wallet
  • Connect the wallet to a Polygon sidechain
  • Access to tradable crypto to exchange for $FUNDS 

We’re here to take the confusion out of it, and walk you through the steps below:

New to cryptocurrency: If you’re a new user and don’t currently own any crypto 

If you are completely new to the crypto world then you will need to follow the instructions above to fulfill the prerequisites to exchange cryptocurrency. 

However, here is a quick summary:

  1. We suggest you begin by Setting up a Metamask Wallet
  2. Next, register on an Exchange, Binance, Coinbase or Kraken, as discussed in the example above.
  3. Buy MATIC Token from exchange, which you will later use to exchange for $FUNDS
  4. Transfer the token to Metamask or any other personal wallet.
  5. Go to Quickswap
  6. Follow the instructions in this article: How to use QuickSwap, for a complete guide to the DEX. 

Connect a wallet to QuickSwap: The MetaMask Wallet. 

Users can install a Metamask wallet on any device, or as a web browser extension. 

To install the browser extension to chrome, click here. 

To download the application for Android or IOS, click here.

After setting up a metamask wallet you can directly connect your wallet to the funds dapp. In funds dapp there would be an option “Connect to Wallet”. Click that. 

Connect the wallet to Polygon Sidechain

It is important to connect the wallet to a Polygon sidechain, please click here for steps on how to do so.

Adding $FUNDS Tokens to your wallet

You need to add the $FUNDS Token into your wallet to show the purchase, buy or sell in the wallet. 

First, Open Metamask on your browser or device. 

Then make sure you have selected Polygon Mainnet in the blockchain network.

Go to “Assets” then click on Import Token. 

Paste the following Funds Contract Address in the input field: 0x77a4ce7b82b69d48718a2d0c1eeb2fd03122da84

Ensuring the MATIC Token is available in your personal wallet

Users will have to make sure that Matic token is available on their personal wallet. Users can have any other token such as ETH or BTC, but it is recommended to have Matic Token because it is much cheaper and easier. 

In the steps below, we have used Binance as an example. There is a different

process for transferring and converting the crypto in every exchange. Users may

have the different centralised crypto exchange , it does not necessarily have to be

Binance. If you need help around centralised exchanges, please navigate to the bottom of this article. Here are the steps below: 

  1. Users can directly buy the Matic token from the centralised crypto exchange: Users can directly buy the Matic token from any exchange.


  • Users can convert their existing crypto in Matic Token.
    1. Let’s take a example of Binance Exchange
    2. Assuming the user has ETH in Binance Exchange, they will need to convert ETH in Matic.
    3. For that, go to Binance Exchange.
    4. Log In to Binance Exchange
    5. Select the “Trade “ option on top.
    6. Then select the “Convert” option and it will open the convert portal.
    7. On this page, enter the ETH amount you want to convert in Matic.
    8. Then the preview and confirm the transaction.
    9. Now the user will have the Matic token in the Binance wallet.

Transferring MATIC Token to a Metamask Wallet

After having matic token in binance wallet, now users will have to transfer these to

the metamask wallet or any other personal wallet. For transferring the Matic to personal

wallet, please follow below steps:

  1. Open the MetaMask extension on Chrome.
  2. You can open the MetaMask extension by clicking on the puzzle icon on the top the navigation bar of Chrome.
  3. Next, click on the MetaMask extension to open it.
  4. Then, log in to your MetaMask wallet or import it using your recovery phrase.
  5. Once you’re in your wallet, make sure that the “Polygon Mainnet” network is selected.
  6. Lastly, click the duplicate icon to copy your Matic address.
  7. Copy to clipboard the Matic address from metamask wallet.
  8. Next, Log in to Binance Exchange. Click here to login.
  9. Click on the “Wallet” button, in the top right corner. See the screenshot below for guidance. 
  10. Nest, click on the “Fiat & Spot” option in the drop-down menu to navigate to your wallet.
  11. On this page, you’ll see your fiat and spot balance.
  12. Next, Search for the Matic token on the Search field. See the screenshot provided above. 
  13. On your Matic balance, you’ll be able to buy, deposit, withdraw, trade, earn, or convert your Ethereum.
  14. Click on “Withdraw” next to “Matic” to go to the Matic withdrawal page.
  15. Now, you’ll land on the Matic withdrawal page. On the page, you’ll see two dropdown boxes and two fields. This includes “Coin”, “Address”, “Network”, and “Amount”.
  16. After “Polygon” is selected on the coin, here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do next:
    1. Paste your Matic address from MetaMask in the “Address” field.
    2. Select the Polygon network.
    3. Enter the amount of ETH that you want to send in the “Amount” field.
    4. Click on “Withdraw” to send your Matic from Binance to MetaMask.

The final stages: Buying $FUNDS Tokens

Once the following prerequisites have been filled, you’ll be ready to buy $FUNDS in the QuickSwap Exchange. 

If you already have crypto in a Crypto Centralised Exchange

If you have crypto stored on a centralised crypto exchange, such as Binance, Coinbase or Kraken then: 

  1. Convert your other crypto types to “Matic Token” 
  2. Next, transfer the token to Metamask wallet, or any other personal wallet of your choosing.
  3. Head over to the QuickSwap exchange.


If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here: