$FUNDS Timeline and Price Changes | Investor Update

The entire $FUNDS team wants to thank our initial investors for their belief in our project and cryptocurrency.

After much consideration, we have decided to defer our listing date until the 24th of April 2022.  This was not an easy decision, but after carefully weighing all the factors at play we are sure it is what is best for the project, and all of you, our token holders. On this date, those who have purchased their tokens on P2PB2B and LAToken, and through S.A.F.T. will have their $FUNDS tokens released to them and will be able to trade and transfer them freely. 

In the meantime, you can expect our Dapp to launch on time, in February. All early adopters who purchased with S.A.F.T. will be able to move their tokens to the Dapp for 10%. They will get this 10% reward after they KYC verify and our tokens are listed on April 24. 

Additionally, we have increased our token price in line with our value. $FUNDS tokens will still be available on centralized exchanges like P2PB2B and LAToken at $2, effective immediately. We sold the presale tokens at much lower prices to fund our development efforts.However, we are sure the new price is justified by the value of $FUNDS – access to $ billions in 30 international lotteries, with the potential to win every week, for life.

Additionally, $FUNDS tokens will soon be available on the reputable Polygon DEX, QuickSwap, at prices close to $2. The price may vary slightly as supply and demand affect DEX pricing, but until April 24 a price close to $2 will be maintained.

This is good news for investors as QuicksSwap is the best option to reach new audiences and grow our project because buyers don’t have to sign up for an account to use it.  

All you need to buy $FUNDS on QuickSwap is an ERC20 compatible wallet such as MetaMask or Trustwallet. 

QuickSwap was created by the same team as Uniswap, but has the added benefits of faster transaction time and reduced fees – a double win for buyers and you, our current investors. 



We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support. We are fully committed to making $FUNDS a world-changing cryptocurrency, and we have huge plans for the future roadmap including NFTs, metaverse applications, monetized gaming, and more!

Warmest Regards,
$FUNDS Executive Team